Our Mission
Through cannabinoid research, education, product advancement and development provide a better quality of life for all current and retired athletes along with their fans.
Arguably the Fastest Growing New Industry in the World
If you ever had the desire to start a business, you probably know the success will greatly depend on the quality of the products or service you provide.
CBD or Cannabidiol and products that contain it are just starting to gain in popularity.

CBD is a cannabis compound that has shown to have benefits without any mind-altering psychoactive effects. Customers looking for relief  are growing in numbers every day.

Are you passionate about CBD Products? Do you want to team up with Athletes to help promote CBD products? Do you want to use your influence to benefit others while earning commissions?
Let's Get Started
As an influencer you get to work with your favorite athlete. When you choose a captain, a percentage of sales driven from your promotion goes to that captain’s foundation of choice. Your influence will not only earn you commission but also benefits others in the process. This is something that the Pro Athletes Hemp Association is proud to be a part of and we know you will be also.
Once your application is approved, we will provide you access to your own affiliate dashboard along with a unique Hemp for Pros URL that you can share with others. 
At Pro Athletes Hemp Association we believe the more we can help you succeed the better we are as a team. Inside your dashboard you will find marketing materials from your captain along with ability to quickly share them to your social media, affiliate newsletters and real time analytics to track your visitors, customers, sales and revenue.

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